Table Construction

Coffee Tables

43.5” long, 19.5” wide, 18” high
End Tables

24” long, 21” wide, 24” high

Solid Wood Construction

Our tables are made of Ash, a very strong hardwood, similar to Oak, with spontaneous streaks of color resembling Hickory, and sometimes some pin size worm holes. Read more about Ash here.

We use modern techniques and equipment operated by experienced caring hands-with all fingers intact! Your table is sanded by hand between each assembly and finishing operation. All finishes are sprayed with multiple layers of satin polyurethane, making them highly resistant to dents, scratches, water and alcohol stains, and food spills.

Art Panels

We make the art panels for the tables on 1/8" thick white acrylic plastic. It is virtually unbreakable, much lighter than glass, but most importantly, makes the colors we use “pop”. Because we have no light source behind the art panel, all of the light and color you see is reflected off of the white plastic. Glass panels just aren’t the answer for this application. The 1/4" thick tempered glass gives you an extremely durable table top with the added benefit of protecting the art panel.

The art panels are made in our adjacent art glass factory. We’ve been making art glass designs since 2001, with the roots of the company going back to the mid 1980's. Yet another industry brought to life with the advent of the personal computer. This allowed artists to create digital and repeatable designs using computer controlled machines. In the case of art glass, think of a giant printer that is able to move a dispensing head left and right, forward and back, all at the same time (like when drawing a circle). We use this machine to lay down the black lines that create chambers that hold the lacquer based stains we apply by hand to the art panel. You can see more about this process, and 1000's of designs on our site.

Proudly Made in the USA!

Made in Wisconsin, on the shores of Lake Michigan of 100% US components. We understand that you can’t always buy American, but isn’t nice when you can?