Ash Tree Info

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Ash trees are a dominant species across the Great Lake states, often growing in wetlands and other untillable areas. The wood is similar in hardness to the venerable Oak, and has a grain and coloring that spans a range from Oak to Hickory.

Rather than cut healthy living Oak and Ash trees, the Ash we are using comes from the millions of trees being killed each year by an invasive insect from Asia, named the Emerald Ash Borer. This insect came to us on raw wood pallets that were not treated for insects and disease. At present, there is no viable way to protect our vast Ash forests.

We seem to be unable to learn from our past mistakes.

* The American Chestnut tree was wiped out by the early 1900's by the Asian bark fungus.
* Dutch Elm disease, caused by the elm bark beetle from Asia, wiped out our beautiful elm canopied streets in the 1960's.
* Hemlock trees are being wiped out by another Asian insect, the wooly adelgid, introduced in the early 1950's.

One common thread with all of these diseases is that they originate with pests from Asia.

You can rest assured that every component of our tables is American Made.