About Us

My Pledge to You-
“It won’t go in your home unless it’s good enough for mine”
Kevin Edgar

At DecoCraft Furniture, I’m driven to create furniture that is visually exciting. What began as a hobby turned into building custom furniture for myself and friends. Now, that passion has become a product line of artistic furniture.

DecoCraft Furniture is part of Silver Creek Industries, Inc., the leading US manufacturer of art glass panels. You can see that product line at www.buysci.com My furniture combines the artistic beauty of art glass with the simple pleasing lines of Arts and Crafts and Art Deco design. The name reflects my passion. The items you purchase are handmade, and will always be made in the USA.

The Arts and Crafts design era of the early 1900’s featured clean, simple and symmetrical lines. It was the antithesis of the overly ornate Victorian era. Furniture of this era was financially available to the growing middle class. So pleasing is this style, that it has never left our homes. Names tied to this time are the furniture makers Greene, Stickley, and Limbert and architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Art Deco period followed with designs that featured form over function. “Artistic-Decor.” Art, in various forms, was now all around you; in furniture, products, equipment, and architecture. Stunning examples in architecture are the Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center in New York. Perhaps the name Tiffany is the best known in jewelry and other products. 

DecoCraft Furniture is my attempt to preserve, promote, and hopefully enhance the rich history of these two fantastic design eras.